Celebrating The Easter Candy Tradition With Easter Candy Bouquets

Candy is a big part of the Easter holiday tradition, and with Americans spending nearly $2 billion on Easter candy every year, we think it's pretty interesting to learn more about the role Easter candy plays in the holiday and Easter candy traditions. Our Easter Candy Bouquets continue to be one of the top Easter gift basket sellers on our website, and for good reason – they're jam-packed full of Easter candy favorites. Let's explore the delicious world of Easter candy and Easter Candy Bouquets!
  • Kids prefer milk chocolate, and adults prefer the refined taste of dark chocolate, right? Not so! 65% of adults prefer milk chocolate, while only 27% prefer the distinctive taste of dark chocolate. Guess it's a good thing our Easter Candy Bouquets, like our Radical Reese's Candy Bouquet, are full of milk chocolate goodness!
  • Over 90 million delicious chocolate bunnies, like the ones inside many of our Easter gift baskets, are created each year. The best way to eat them? Ears first, according to a survey of American Easter bunny eaters.
  • Kudos for the production line! In 1953, it took a whopping 27 hours to create just one Marshmallow Peep. Today, it takes a much more realistic six minutes. The faster Peeps are created, the more we're able to indulge – yum!
  • We couldn't imagine an Easter without our Easter Candy Bouquets, but hot cross buns and pretzels were actually considered to be the first Easter “treats." Hot cross buns were created by monks and given to the poor, and pretzels were a symbol of hands in prayer.
  • How many jelly beans would it take to circle the Earth? About 16 billion. That's the number of jelly beans Americans typically consume during the Easter season.

We're so excited for Easter to roll around this year so we can enjoy the richness of our Easter Candy Bouquets. They're chock-full of all the Easter delights we know and love, and remind us just how lucky we are to indulge in chocolates. We hope Easter Candy Bouquets are a tradition for generations to come!