4 Ways To Make Easter Full Of Cherished Memories This Year With Easter Gift Baskets For Kids

4 Ways To Make Easter Full Of Cherished Memories This Year – With Easter Gift Baskets For Kids

Colorado – our hometown here at BisketBaskets.com, is beautiful in the wintertime, but oh, do we love Spring! That must be just part of the reason why we adore Easter so much – it's a holiday that has such a peaceful sense of renewal to it, and we're excited to share in the Easter memories this year with our loved ones. Easter Gift Baskets For Kids are a fun way to get the kids involved in Easter this year, and we put our thinking caps on and came up with several other ways you can ensure the little ones in your life get excited for Easter!

Easter Egg Hunt

Easter egg hunts are a traditional part of Easter, and so much fun, particularly if there's a surprise, like our Easter Gift Baskets For Kids, at the end of the egg hunt. Simply hide plastic Easter eggs in your yard, and watch as the kids in your family make their way around the yard, searching for every last egg you hid. You can either fill each egg with a special surprise, or have one large gift at the end for all the participants.

Easter Gift Baskets For Kids

It's no secret why gift baskets are always so welcome: they're full of surprise, and variety! Kids love both, and they'll certainly love all the delicious goodies inside Easter Gift Baskets For Kids, like our Peter Cottontail Gift Basket, full of Easter candy and chocolates, plus a so-cute plush Easter bunny, balloon, and more.

Make Your Own Bunny Ears

Searching for a cute way to get your kids involved in Easter? Help them make their own bunny ears! Simply purchase comfortable headbands for them, and visit a local craft store to purchase craft glue, pipe cleaners, and gray, pink, and white felt. Cut out the gray felt in the shape of four bunny ears. Place a pipe cleaner in the center of two of the felt ears, and use the craft glue to glue them together. Wrap a bit of the bottom of the bunny ear around the headband, and use a stapler to secure. Repeat for the second bunny ear. Cut out small portions of the pink and white felt, and layer inside the bunny ears, affixing with craft glue.

Yummy Easter Cupcakes

Cupcakes are all the rage these days, so whip up Easter-themed ones with your little ones! We know they'll love the chocolates inside our Easter Gift Baskets For Kids, but we just think creating funfetti cupcakes with pastel buttercream icing and placing a Marshmallow Peep on the top of each cupcake is a delicious, and fun, way to enjoy the Easter season with your kids this year!