Creating Easter Family Traditions With Easter Gift Baskets

Gift giving is more than a business to us – it's a time-honored family tradition. Whether it's a pretty ornament at Christmas or a chocolate bunny on Easter, every gift brings with it so much meaning and happiness for the gift recipient. Our family has so many holiday traditions, especially for Easter! From crafting Easter Gift Baskets to blessing the basket and preparing Easter breakfast, we'd love to share our Easter traditions with you so you can learn more about the family. Sure, we've delighted many a customer with our scrumptious Easter gift baskets, but we've also managed to impress even tougher critics: our family! We have a large family, but we get together a few weeks before Easter each year and dream up the perfect Easter gift baskets for each family within our extended family. Then, we get to designing, filling our Easter baskets with gourmet goodies, like the Ghirardelli chocolates in our Ghirardelli Easter Gift Basket and milk chocolate bunnies in our Lindt Easter Gift Basket. Yum! We make our rounds on the Saturday before Easter each year, proudly dropping each beautifully decorated Easter gift basket off at our family's homes, and we all meet up later to honor the traditional blessing of the Easter gift basket. It's not only a wonderful religious event, but also great for catching up with family we haven't seen in a few months and seeing how everyone is doing. Our Easter gift baskets don't end there – they're part of our Easter breakfast feast! We make a point to get the entire family together for Easter morning breakfast (and that's quite a bit of us!), and the Easter baskets are the centerpiece to our delectable breakfast. We all dive in and enjoy the laughing faces around us and the delicious food on our plates and in our baskets. Our Easter Gift Baskets are more than simply gift baskets – they're part of a longstanding family tradition that we hope will continue for generations to come. We include only the mouth-watering morsels our own family adores, so why not start a lovely Easter tradition for your own family, designed by the Easter gift basket experts who know exactly what goes into the perfect Easter basket? Happy Easter from our family to yours!