Employee Recognition Gifts They'll Actually Use!

When I was growing up many years ago, both of my parents worked for companies that gave them traditional employee recognition gifts at milestone anniversaries in their employment. These included company-emblazoned tokens of appreciation at the 5-year, 10-year, 15-year, 20-year and 25-year marks. As these employee recognition gifts were the standard of the time, they graciously accepted them without a second thought, and with the possible exception of one or two, tucked them away into a drawer never to be used. I remember key chains, lapel pins, logo-emblazoned glass jars, and of course, watches! None of these gifts were particularly useful; none were stylish. None fit their unique tastes in any way, and they were all likely pulled from a box that contained dozens of the given gift, to be doled out to employees when the time was right. Were they better than nothing at all? Absolutely! Especially since they were par for the course, so to speak. They were the employee recognition gifts that many companies were giving at the time, and even if a gift isn't especially practical, there is an importance in the acknowledgment itself. But could they have been better? Again… absolutely! And ‘better' employee recognition gifts are exactly what you'll find here at Bisket Baskets. Whether you're shopping for an anniversary milestone gift, or a gift for a project well-done, our extensive selection of gift baskets is certain to include one that is just right for your employee. If you don't interact with them often, be sure to ask for tips from those who do regarding their interests. If you know they never miss a local wine festival, one of our wine gift baskets would be a perfectly personalized choice. Are 90% of the pictures on their Facebook of their dog? One of our pet lover gift baskets lets them know you really put thought into your choice. Maybe they have a serious sweet tooth and take more than their fair share of trips to the vending machine in the break room? Save them the trip and the cash with a candy bouquet! Your employees dedicate a great deal of time, energy, and enthusiasm to your company. When it comes time to honor that commitment with employee recognition gifts, choose something specifically tailored to their interests. A little gift can go a long way toward letting them know you value them and all they do!