Executive Gift Baskets to Recognize More than Years of Service

Executive Gift Baskets to Recognize More than Years of Service

Research shows that companies that recognize the hard work of employees often see great results, but in most organizations, rewarding employees often is tied to tenure. Awards based on years of service are important, but it's also important to recognize those who may not have been with the company as long but have still added great value. This is where an executive gift basket can come in handy. Here's why:

Rewarding Good Work in Your Company

There are a variety of ways to look at rewards in your company culture, but if you're looking to go beyond years of tenure, here are some other recognition ideas that may be useful:

Peer to Peer Recognition: While a “Great Job!" from your manager can mean a lot, sometimes it's recognition from peers that makes a greater impact on an employee. Think about implementing a program that allows for employees to give points or rewards socially to peers.

Recognize Great Behaviors: Employee of the month rewards are great, but you can gain greater momentum (and also inspire other members of your teams) by awarding something to those who practice an ideal behavior, such as exceptional customer service when dealing with a problem or creative problem-solving. Send an executive gift basket to someone who made a difference in your business by applying your company's mission or values.

Make it Public: When others see recognition publicly, it means much more than a private “thanks!" Make public recognition of good work in the day-to-day in your organization a priority, such as giving awards during staff meetings. For larger milestones, consider awards during quarterly conference calls or hosting a regular ceremony.

Executive Gift Baskets Say “Thank You!"

At Bisket Baskets, we make corporate gift giving and awards easy by making a beautiful collection of executive gift baskets. Each showcases gourmet foods and gifts that can show your appreciation for a job well-done, years of service, and more. Give to a peer, to a member of your team, or make gift-giving part of your corporate culture as a way to give additional feedback throughout the years. Investing in expressing your gratitude is always wise!