Family Christmas Gift Basket Ideas for Your Employees: Earn Brownie Points with Their Kids, Too!

It's no secret that in many of today's workplaces, employees must tackle more work than ever before. A tough economy has resulted in many companies being forced to downsize, and the employees that remain have workloads sizable enough to make working overtime a regular thing. Not only is this additional work a stress factor for the employee themselves, but if they have a family at home waiting for them, it can be hard on them as well. That is just one of many reasons that we feel our family Christmas gift basket ideas are such a smart choice for employees that give it their all every day.

When an employee has children, a significant other, or even a pet anxiously waiting for them to get home after work, the extra time that they're putting in has consequences that affect not only them, but those special to them. It might mean that dinner is eaten later than ideal, or that a nightly walk is delayed or even skipped. In most scenarios, the employee is more understanding of the time they have to put in than those close to them are, and it can be hard for them to explain the circumstances to others. However, those others can be won over in a few ways, and our family Christmas gift basket ideas are one of those!

We aren't suggesting that you bribe your employees' loved ones with our family Christmas gift basket ideas, rather that gifting your employee with something they can share can go a long way toward showing those close to them that you really care. I learned this firsthand many years ago when my mother would often have to work a few hours overtime every week.

My mother was an employee at a local college for many years, working in the Admissions office. Most of the year she got out of work on time, but during registration for classes, sometimes she worked for 12 hours or more. This meant that my father had to figure out dinner, and my brother had to help me with my homework. It was my mom who was working those extra hours, but they had an effect on our entire family. Understanding this was the case, her employer would occasionally send my mom home with a small treat for me and my brother. This helped us understand that while we would prefer our mom got home earlier, her dedication wasn't going unnoticed. Family Christmas gift basket ideas work in a very similar way, and can be especially great if the holiday season is a busy time of year for your business.