The Top Four Best Birthday Gift Baskets for Men

Gift baskets are often given to families or college-aged children, but the possibility of using birthday gift baskets for men is an opportunity that is overlooked! These four options offer the foods that men love in an attractive basket that can be given for a special occasion like a birthday.

Wine and Cheese Gift Basket - For men with more refined tastes, the Wine and Cheese Gift Basket offers delicacies that can be enjoyed individually or together. Wine cheese spread and a wine glace feature the flavor notes of the best that vineyards have to offer. Treats that pair well with the finest wines are also included in the package. Biscuits, almonds, snack mix and sugar cookies give recipients the opportunity to create their own tasting plate. Themed coasters and the high-quality, reusable basket make this a gift that will be remembered for years to come.

Farmhouse Blueberry Pancakes & Waffles Gift Set - Anyone who is searching for birthday gift baskets for men who love breakfast can find the perfect option in this pancakes and waffles gift set. The included two-quart batter bowl is ideal for mixing up a batch of pancakes or waffles for the whole family, and a 12-serving mix that can be used for either breakfast dish can also be found in the set. Blueberry jam and pure maple syrup offer a gourmet touch to finish off the breakfasts that gift recipients can make with birthday gift baskets for men.

Gourmet Treats Gift - When it comes to birthday gift baskets for men, this is a combination that exceeds expectations. The black and gold color scheme offers a masculine touch, while treats like smoked salmon, roasted peanuts and Camembert cheese appeal to a more refined palate. A faux leather finish boosts the manliness of this gourmet basket that also features the flavors of buttercrunch popcorn, sesame crackers and butter toffee pretzels.

Pizza Oven Gift - Everyone loves pizza, so this Pizza Oven Gift is a great option when it comes to birthday gift baskets for men. Pizza crust mix, a mozzarella cheese bar and pizza sauce are all included to give recipients all of the ingredients that they need to create a warm, bubbly and gooey pizza. An oven mitt and two kitchen towels are included in the gift set to keep hands protected when pulling the finished product out of the oven.