Dog Gift Baskets

5 Gift Ideas For Dog Lovers – Including Dog Gift Baskets!

Us dog lovers are a breed of our own – we love our dogs like family, and we have no problem cutting an outing early to come home to our precious pooch! Yet, it’s not always easy to know what to gift a dog owner, even for us! We’re friends with many a dog lover ourselves, and actually started out Bisket Baskets by creating and selling creative Dog Gift Baskets. Here’s our top 5 list of gifts for dog lovers!

#1: Hand-painted portrait of their dog or dog breed: A hand-painted portrait is a very special gift, and personalizing it by having it hand-painted after a photograph of their dog will be so treasured. If you don’t have a photo of the dog, look for a picture of the dog’s breed, and have the artist base it off of that.

#2: Dog gift baskets: How about a gift that already comes beautifully wrapped, filled with healthy dog treats and fun dog toys, and is delivered right to your door or the recipient’s door? Our dog gift baskets, like our Pawsitively Gourmutt Dog Gift Basket, have delighted many a customer over the last thirteen years, and we can’t wait to see how delighted the dog lovers in your life are!

#3: Dog Bone Necklace: A very pretty and really cute dog lover’s gift is a necklace with a small silver or gold dog bone pendant on it. It’s a great way to gift her pretty jewelry, while also showing that you support her interests! Complement it with one of our dog gift baskets for an extra touch.

#4: Dog-Themed Coffee Mug: You can never have enough coffee or tea mugs! Gift the dog lover in your life a personalized dog coffee mug, with a picture of their dog’s breed on the mug, along with the dog’s name. Add a box of their favorite tea or bag of their favorite coffee as a great touch to the gift!

#5: Don’t Let The Dog Out Floormat: In shopping around for ideas on new products to include in our dog gift baskets, we fell in love with “don’t let the dog out!” floormats that you can place near your front and back doors. It’s a cute, and actually very effective, way to ensure both family members and guests keep your dog inside the house!

Take the guesswork out of gifting the dog lovers in your life – simply pair one of our dog-approved Dog Gift Baskets with another fun dog gift idea! We pride ourselves in ensuring our dog gift baskets are filled with healthy dog treats that will have Fido woofing happily, and toys so he’s perfectly occupied.