Licking Our Lips Over Ghirardelli Easter Basket Chocolate Varieties

Licking Our Lips Over Ghirardelli Easter Basket Chocolate Varieties

Remember the days when chocolate came in one variety: milk chocolate? We do, but oh, we're so glad that chocolate comes in scrumptious flavors ranging from dark chocolate raspberry to even chili pepper! We're hopping for joy over the delicious Ghirardelli chocolate flavors inside our Ghirardelli Easter Basket. We custom design each and every Easter gift basket, right down to the chocolates we choose and the bows we tie. We know our Ghirardelli chocolate, and we're here to give you an on paper" taste test of the Ghirardelli varieties you just may find inside your Ghirardelli Easter basket!


Luxe Milk Hazelnut – This is one of our favorite Ghirardelli chocolate varieties, and one you may just find inside your Ghirardelli Easter basket, as we do our best to make each basket as unique as possible. Imagine creamy chocolate mixed with the rich taste of hazelnuts, with a deep finish.


Dark Raspberry – Isn't chocolate even better when it's filled with a delectable flavor? Ghirardelli Dark Raspberry tends to be a favorite inside our Ghirardelli Easter Basket, and is a marriage between dark chocolate and real raspberry filling.


Luxe Milk Almond – Almond is a chocolate bar staple, but Ghirardelli Almond? Not so. It's so smooth chocolate mixed with all-natural almonds or the perfect almond chocolate bar, in a nutshell.


Luxe Milk Toffee – Toffee is known for its rich, buttery taste. Complement it with creamy milk chocolate, and you're ready to indulge in absolute pleasure. We can't think of anything better inside a Ghirardelli Easter Basket!


Double Chocolate Caffe – All that chocolate is bound to make you a little tired! We've got the solution we pack Ghirardelli Double Chocolate Caffe in our Ghirardelli Easter Basket. It's robust blend of chocolate coffee like only Ghirardelli can bring us, and will both perk you up and relax your sweet tooth!


We can't say which exact Ghirardelli chocolate varieties will be inside your Ghirardelli Easter Basket, but we can promise that they will be absolutely scrumptious after all, they're Ghirardelli! Enjoy Easter and share it with friends and family by sending a so-scrumptious chocolate Easter gift basket.