Because Chocolate Trumps All: 4 Reasons Why Gifting A Ghirardelli Gift Basket Is A Good Idea

We have to admit that we're being a little cheeky in the title – there's a million reasons why gifting a Ghirardelli Gift Baskets is an exceptional idea, but for the purposes of our busy lives, we'll narrow it down to the top four chocolatelicious ideas. Chocolate is an ingredient in many of our gift baskets, and with Ghirardelli gourmet chocolates delighting so many customers, we crafted Ghirardelli Gift Basket varieties that feature these gorgeous chocolates front and center. Need a reason to gift a Ghirardelli basket? Easy. Here's four of them:

#1: Chocolate has calming, mood-boost effects.
It's hard to believe that something so delicious can also be good for the mind and body, but it indeed is – chocolate, in moderation, can help the gift recipients on your gift list relax and perk up their spirits a bit. Our Ghirardelli Gift Basket and Cookie Holiday Tower features a whopping 10 tantalizing Ghirardelli assorted chocolates, along with a whole other box full of delicious cookies. If that won't bring a smile to the gift recipient's face, we don't know what will!

#2: Very few people dislike chocolate.
Sure, there are indeed people who dislike chocolate or are allergic to it, but it's usually a safe bet when gifting. Most people love the rich taste of chocolate, and especially all the new chocolate flavors out there in Ghirardelli Gift Baskets, like dark raspberry, dark chocolate, mint, almond, and more. We're getting hungry just writing about chocolate!

#3: Chocolate tends to be a universal gift.
A Ghirardelli Gift Basket is appropriate in so many situations – from Christmas to Valentine's Day to Easter, and even for wedding gifts, new home gifts, etc. In fact, our Ghirardelli Chocolate Temptations Basket, filled with the Ghirardelli chocolate varieties that dreams are made of, continues to be a customer favorite all year long!

#4: Chocolate is easily paired with other gifts.
Many of our customers mention that they'd love to gift an extra gift alongside their gift basket choices to make the gift even more personal. Chocolate gift baskets, and particularly a Ghirardelli Gift Basket, pair well with so many complementary gifts, such as dark red wine, fresh strawberries, citrus fruits, and more.

Simply: you can't go wrong with a Ghirardelli Gift Basket! Chocolate gift baskets have delighted many a customer of ours, and we continue to love all the mouth-watering chocolate varieties that Ghirardelli dares (and succeeds!) to come up with.