The Purr-fect Gift Basket For Cat Lovers

Want to hear something amazing? In 1955, a cat from Keston, England came limping home with what appeared to be glass stuck in her left front paw. Her owner removed the glass, and on closer inspection, it turned out to be two diamonds worth about $600! If you have a gem of a cat that you want to treat for an amazing feat, or for just being a delightful companion, has the purr-fect Gift Basket for Cat Lovers. In addition, you can find the best gifts for any cat owner before the holiday rush. Send a bit of love to your friend (and his or her kitty too!) with a Gift Basket for Cat Lovers. This gift basket from is designed with both pet and owner in mind, featuring snacks for both people and pet. For the owner, this gift basket includes pretzels, kettle corn, gourmet cookies, snack mixes, nuts, wafers, and a seasonal selection of mocha, cocoa, or flavored iced tea. We didn't forget about the cat! Cats can enjoy this special collection of treats from brands like Whisker Smackers, Cat Crazies, and My Kitty. This basket is certainly the cat's meow and is a great gift basket for cat lovers! Warm wishes and a message of “thinking of you" comes from this great Gift Basket for Cat Lovers. This sincere package features snacks for both cat and owner, including: Gourmet kettle corn Cracked wheat wafers Tea bags Cat Treats Cheddar cheese Seasonal drink selection Can't take your feline fishing? Treat them to a Cat Fish Gift Basket instead. This nautical-theme basket features fish flavored treats and toys that are sure to delight. Displayed in gorgeous packaging, this could be the perfect holiday or birthday gift for your kitty, especially if you plan on throwing your pet a party! This is a perfect gift basket for cat lovers.