Gift Baskets for Easter Complete the Perfect Egg Hunt!

From baby animals to the delightful colors found in newly sprouted blooms, springtime is a magical time of year that is meant to be celebrated. Easter is a time for families to come together to celebrate all of the newness that spring brings. This year, as you plan your family gathering, remember to bring some of that newness and excitement into your family's festivities, specifically through a special Easter egg hunt that everyone will love! A Hunt to Remember
Planning an Easter egg hunt for your family can be easy and fun. Start out by getting everyone together and coloring eggs to be used in the hunt. Feel free to get creative and make sure that your family displays all of their creativity! Or, if you're worried about breaking the eggs, you can always get some plastic eggs to decorate with paint, glitter, and stickers. Let the eggs dry and store them in a safe place overnight. If you're using plastic eggs, be sure to fill them up with some surprises and goodies! Also, take some time to check out to find the perfect prize for your Easter egg hunt: Gift Baskets for Easter! Filled to the brim with yummy treats, these gift baskets for Easter are sure to delight your family after the hunt is through. Celebrate the Best of Spring
Once your eggs have dried, it's time to head outside and hide the eggs! First off, keep the rest of your family in a closed room with no windows (they can't be peeking!). Then, while they “hide", it's time to start putting out the eggs. Get creative and hide eggs in outdoor spaces that celebrate the best of spring, like near flower beds, trees, or Easter decorations. If the weather looks bad, or if it's too cold, hide your eggs throughout the house. Then, once all of the eggs are hid, give your family baskets to collect eggs in. Try making a special basket with each family member in mind by decorating it with different colors, flowers, or other spring details. After they've got their baskets, let the hunt begin! The Perfect Prize: Gift Baskets for Easter
After the eggs have been found, let your family count up who has the most. Then, the person with the most eggs gets to have an extra special treat: one of the Gift Baskets for Easter from! Yummy candies and treats fill up this special basket that celebrates all of the best of the season. Your family can then share in all of the goodies from the winner's gift basket to make the day complete. Get your Gift Baskets for Easter from and use them as the grand prize for your family's Easter egg hunt!