Indulge Your Senses with Gourmet Gift Baskets

Invited to a dinner party or birthday party and need a gift for the guest of honor? A gift basket filled with gourmet food items is a great and tasty option. Make one yourself or purchase a pre-packed gourmet gifts baskets; either way you can personalize it with the recipient's favorite food - and who doesn't like receiving delicious food? Creating Your Own
Select the prefect gift basket to fill with gourmet goodies. Choosing the Contents
A variety of gourmet meats such as pepperoni, salami and ham are regularly used in gourmet gift baskets. You may also want to include canned seafood products like crabmeat, clams and sardines. It's also a nice touch to add a dry mix for making dip using the canned seafood. An assortment of cheeses is a great addition to your gourmet gift basket. Add gouda, cheddar, goat, sharp or bree cheeses. Also include cheese spreads, gourmet crackers, bread sticks, a cheese knife and cheese spreader. Gourmet condiments are also a great addition to your gourmet gift basket. Green and black olives, spicy mustard, pickled onions and roasted peppers are a nice assortment. Finally, don't forget about the dessert. Every good gourmet gift basket features a sweet finishing touch. Add cookies or chocolates to top off your fabulous gourmet basket. Finishing Touch
You want the illusion your basket is overfilling, so if your basket is deep be sure to fill the base with foam, shredded paper or basket fill. Next, fill in any empty spaces with fresh fruits, assorted candy, a scented candle or bottle of wine. Finish off your gourmet gift basket with a cello bag wrap and beautiful ribbon or bow. Don't think you can handle designing your own and looking for an expertly designed gourmet gift basket? Bisket Basket has compiled a selection of the best, high-quality items that are sure to appease every recipient. Our best-selling line of Colorado Mountain Peaks Gift Tower, Colorado Rocky Mountain Majesty and Beautiful Colorado Gift Basket