Gift The Gift Of Soothing Tradition With Gourmet Tea Baskets

History tells us that tea may have been discovered by the Emperor of China in 2737 BC. Since then, tea has grown dramatically in popularity, and the tradition of brewing tea has evolved – we now can simply plunk a teabag filled with wonderful teas into a mug of hot water, and four minutes later and a with bit of cooling time, you're enjoying a soothing, delicious cup of tea. Gourmet Tea Baskets extend the gift of relaxing teas to the people on your gift list, and there's nothing like relaxing with a cup of tea after a long day. Whether you choose to gift someone special with a gourmet tea basket or simply want to pamper yourself with a beautiful gift basket, we encourage you to share the rich tea drinking tradition with all on your holiday list. Is Brewing Tea Difficult? This is a common question we hear from customers interested in our tea gift baskets. We're all familiar with the teabags from our local supermarkets, but what about the lovely Harrisons and Crosfield tea in our Holiday Gift of Tea Gift Basket? We aim to make life simpler for you, so we've included the teabag variety, instead of loose leaf tea! Simply boil a cup of water, pour it into a mug over your teabag, and allow the tea to brew for a few minutes until it reaches its full, vibrant color. What Do I Pair My Tea With? Afternoon tea is a refined English tradition, but you don't need to plan an elegant tea party to enjoy afternoon tea. Our Tea Lovers Holiday Care Package makes enjoying tea simple fun, and comes with a scone mix to quickly and easily whip up scrumptious scones to enjoy with the included forty tea bags! It's an instant afternoon tea party in a beautiful holiday tea gift basket. Tea Gift Baskets are so wonderful for keeping your gift recipients warm during those drafty winter days, and allow them to become a part of the centuries old tradition of enjoying a soothing cup of tea. Simply browse through our holiday gift baskets to select the tea gift baskets ideal for your gift list, and get ready to be invited over for a chat and cup of tea. Just be sure to bring the cucumber and watercress sandwiches!