Halloween Candy Bouquets: People Love Taking a Chance – Especially When Candy is Involved!

I've been to enough fundraisers in my day to know that most people are more than happy to part with a dollar in exchange for a chance to win something much more valuable. And with all of our Halloween candy bouquets being worth far more than a dollar, as well as being eye-catching enough to draw maximum attention from the ticket table, they make the perfect addition to a Fall fundraiser!

If your organization will be holding a Fall-themed or haunted attraction this year, consider adding one of our Halloween candy bouquets to your shopping list of supplies. Many of the people at your haunted attraction are already eager to show their support for your organization, so why not take advantage of their support in person with the opportunity to win one of our Halloween candy bouquets? If your event is the biggest fundraiser of the year, adding a raffle to the mix is just one more way to make the most of it. And if people don't want to take a chance, that's OK, too!

Personally, I prefer if an organization does their best to secure adequate annual donations all at once, rather than running multiple fundraisers each year, which can be overwhelming. When I set aside the time and money to visit a haunted house, I take enough cash with me for my ticket itself, as well as little extras I might want once I'm there. One of my favorite haunted attractions from my youth featured both a haunted hayride and a haunted house, and had little stands set up with homemade treats, hot chocolate, commemorative t-shirts and more. I gladly paid admission to the hayride and haunted house, and scooped up a t-shirt and various snacks as well. If they had one of our Halloween candy bouquets up for raffle, you can bet I would have purchased several chances for that, too! This was an organization I wanted to support, and once I was out for the night, spending an extra dollar or two here and there only added to the enjoyment. Catching people in the right mood is an important element of a successful fundraiser, and once you've done that, the appeal of our Halloween candy bouquets will do the rest!