Scare Up Some Sweets for Someone Special with Our Halloween Gift Baskets!

Suffice it to say, I am a ‘holiday person'. When you get down to it, there's something about just about all of them that I love. For some holidays, like Christmas, there are many things that I love. There are also many things that I love about Halloween. Among them? Our awesome Halloween gift baskets! I have always been a fan of Halloween, from the youngest age I can remember. I became interested in horror movies and haunted houses long before most kids my age as my brother is ten years older than me. My mom probably wouldn't have liked that he let me watch scary movies while she was at work, but he did! And yes – many of them terrified me. But they also instilled in me a true appreciation for the genre, and today some of my favorite movies are horror movies. And some of my favorite activities have a Halloween focus, like hayrides, haunted houses, and dreaming up unique costume ideas. If it were up to me, we'd all dress up in fun costumes at least once a month – once a year simply isn't enough! My friends and family are all keenly aware of my Halloween love, and they know that I enjoy sharing my excitement by sending along Halloween gift baskets. If they live near me, these Halloween gift baskets are hand-delivered by yours truly, donning an amazing costume, of course! And just as we have a wide variety of Halloween gift baskets to choose from, I have worn a wide variety of costumes over the years. Some sweet, some cute, some scary, some clever. Just writing about it makes me hungry for candy and a new costume idea! If you're a Halloween fan as well, consider sending one of our Halloween gift baskets along to a friend or family member who shares in your passion for this unique holiday. Many of us are a bit too old to go trick-or-treating, but certainly haven't lost our taste for the sweet stuff! And unlike the bag of random candy that you toted home as a kid, our Halloween gift baskets only feature the good stuff. There isn't a loose piece of candy corn in the mix!