Sharing The Halloween Spirit With Halloween Gift Baskets

As the haunting spirits are swirling around us on Halloween – er, as our ghost-clad costumed kids run around the kitchen with their candy bags, we want to share in the fun Halloween spirit with all of our friends and family, especially those who live a distance away and won't be able to see your little ghouls and goblins this Halloween. Sending treat-filled Halloween Gift Baskets is just one way to send some spooktacular love to long distance friends and family on Halloween. Read on for great ways to share the Halloween memories with your loved ones!   Frame Your Halloween Memories Visit your local craft store to find a few low price Halloween themed frames, and add a photo of you and your kids all dressed up for Halloween to the frame. Send it to your family and friends, and not only will they be all smiles to get such a surprise gift from you and your kids, but you'll also feel great that you took the time to help your out of town loved ones feel more connected to you!   Costumes Aren't Just For Halloween Do you absolutely love to dress your kids up (and yourself!) for Halloween, or have friends and family who think Halloween is just the best holiday on the calendar? Halloween may last only one night, but you can have a costume party any time of the year! Coordinate with your long distance friends and family to see when they're visiting next, and throw a kid and adult-friendly costume party! Sure, it may not be on Halloween, but that doesn't mean you can't dress up like it is!   Halloween Gift Baskets Sometimes all you need to feel connected to your loved ones is to get a reminder of their love. Selecting a Halloween gift basket, like our Halloween Party Gift Basket or our Witch's Brew Care Package, and sending it off to a friend or family member takes only a short few minutes, but bridges the miles between you in an instant. They'll appreciate the thought and Halloween goodies in our gift basket, and you'll feel so great that you were able to connect with them.   Halloween is a ghoulishly fun time of year, and you want to share in the fun with your friends and family, no matter where they live! After all, your kids are growing up fast, and you only have a few more years of dressing them up as cute Princesses and “scary" zombies. Help your long distance friends and family share in those same memories by sending them Halloween Gift Baskets this October.