Halloween Gift Baskets and Costume Ideas for a Spooky, Fun Time!

Your child's first chance to go trick-or-treating should be a memorable event! After all, it only happens once! If you're gearing up for the big occasion, start out by choosing a great costume and then commemorating the experience with one of our Halloween gift baskets. To get started, it's time to get creative. Your child's costume may be what he or she remembers most about the event, so be sure to make it memorable! Here are some easy DIY costumes that you can make at home. A Bag of Jelly Beans: Start out by having your child wear white tights and a body suit or a white sweatsuit. Then, blow up a variety of small, colored balloons. Attach the balloons to your child's sweatsuit using safety pins or tape. Next, take a clear plastic trash bag and cut holes in the sides for your child's arms and legs, then, pull the bag up and tie it around your child's chest. If it starts to slip, use some decorative ribbon to create straps for your child. Make sure that the trash bag does not go over your child's head. Then, tape a piece of construction paper to the front of your child's costume that says “Jelly Beans". It's a sweet costume that's sure to be a hit! A TV Set: Grab a large cardboard box and cut out holes for your child's arms on the sides. Then, cut a large rectangular hole on the front of the box. Then, using markers or paint, decorate the box to have a metallic finish, just like a TV. For dial knobs, try using buttons or glue on some pieces of felt made to look like dials. For the antenna, take a wire coat hanger and cut it into two separate antennae using wire cutters. Then, wrap those wires in tin foil and glue them to the top of the box. For some extra fun, have your child perform a little skit or song when he or she goes trick-or-treating! A Bubbling Bathtub: Begin by cutting out the bottom of a cloth laundry hamper or plastic bin. Drape the handles over your shoulders, or use rope to create a suspender-like style if the handles aren't long enough for your child's arms to fit through. Then, fill the top rim of the bin with white “bubble" balloons. Add a towel, rubber ducky, and maybe even a colorful shower cap to complete your child's costume. How's that for good, clean fun? Once you've got your costume, it's time to head out, but before you do, don't forget to make the occasion even more special by treating your child to one of our spooky – but totally yummy – Halloween gift baskets! These delectable gifts are sure to make your child treasure the experience of the first trick-or-treating outing, plus, they're a great way to get into the Halloween spirit with your child! Your little ghoul or boy will love the delicious candies inside our Halloween gift baskets, which come in all different shapes and styles, so there's no way you won't find what you're looking for! So after the costume is on or after you've returned from your outing, gift your child with one of our fantastic Halloween gift baskets. Trust us – your child will always remember this special treat! Get your Halloween gift baskets just in time for the first night of trick-or-treating by shopping at BisketBaskets.com.