The Single Girls Guide For A Healthy Dog Starting With A Dog Gift Basket

The Single Girl's Guide For A Healthy Dog – Starting With A Dog Gift Basket

We certainly lead quite busy lives these days, but we’re excited to hear that more and more single girls are getting dogs of their own – breeds both small and large! We were young “single girls” of our own not too long ago, and we know that the working girl life is a busy one filled with long days and events with friends. Caring for your dog is a paramount concern to you, and we’ve got the tried and true tips to balance your busy life and be a great pet owner!

Dog Gift Baskets
People with dogs tend to have friends with dogs, and we bet you know quite a few dog owners! Just as you have about everything you need, so do your friends and family. Give a gift with meaning and value – send a Dog Gift Basket, packed with healthy dog treats, toys, and biscuits the next time you need a gift for a birthday or holiday. Is a trusted friend or family member with a dog dog-sitting your pooch? Say thank you with a super cute and jam-packed Dog Gift Basket!

Daily Exercise
Smart girls like you know that daily exercise – even just a half hour – is crucial to a happy and healthy lifestyle. Your dog also needs a daily walk and playtime, so combine the two! Take your dog out for a brisk walk or a jog. It’s a great way for both of you to get exercise and get to know other dog owners along the way. Want to treat your dog for being your exercise buddy? Gift your dog with a Dog Gift Basket, or treat both of you to a Pet and Owner Gift Basket!

Regular Check-Ups
Yearly physicals are a must to ensure the single girl is a healthy girl, along with regular must-haves like facials and massages. Your dog needs yearly vet checks and monthly pampering, as well! Make sure to schedule regular grooming visits for your pup to keep his or her hair and nails neatly groomed.

Caring for a dog is an experience that will only reward you, and with all the transitions you’ll encounter in your young life, having a constant companion by your side is extraordinarily helpful. A Dog Gift Basket, filled with biscuits and squeaker toys, is a special way to break up the ordinary for you and your dog, or as an eclectic gift for fellow dog owners in your life!