Creative Holiday Cookie Baskets And Gift Pairings

The holidays are a magical time, and you want to whip up just the most delicious recipes and gift ideas for all the people you care about in your life. Yet, when do you find the time to actually create those delicious cookies you're dreaming of? That's where Holiday Cookie Baskets come in – they're festively wrapped and filled with so scrumptious cookies for all the people on your Christmas gift list. We know you still want to add a unique touch to your holiday cookie basket, so pair it with a fun gift! Holiday Cookie Baskets and Chocolate Milk Mix Mmm, cookies and chocolate milk – now there's a perfect pair! Dipping delicious sugar cookies in chocolate milk is such a wonderful way to enjoy a winter evening. Pair our Christmas Cookies Care Package with chocolate milk mix, a spoon, marshmallows, and two mugs for such a toasty, warm Christmas gift. Holiday Cookie Baskets and Cookie Serving Trays Serving trays aren't just for swanky parties – they're for everyday! Choose cookie serving trays that match the gift recipient's personality – from the fancy to the whimsical, and pair it with our Sweet Snowmen Gift Basket. We just hope these chocolate chip cookies will make it onto the serving tray before they're eaten up! Holiday Cookie Baskets and Cookie Bakeware Our Santa Claus is Coming To Town holiday cookie basket is a must for the Christmas season, but what about all those other times during the year when the recipient wants to bake cookies? Pair these buttery chocolate chip cookies with a cookie bakeware set – cookie mix, a cute apron, measuring spoons and cups, and a cookie baking tray. You can even add a cookie recipe book, too! Holiday Cookie Baskets are so yummy, and quite welcome when the days are busy and the air is chilly! Make your holiday cookie basket your “own" by complementing it with creative pairings that will surely put a smile on the face of each of your gift recipients. Enjoy your holiday season – it certainly should be memorable!