Three Wooftastic Holiday Dog Gifts For Dogs and Owners

We make so many memories during the holidays, and for those of us with dogs, many of those memories do involve our dogs – Fido wearing a Santa hat, “ripping” open that wrapping paper on Christmas morning, and playing with his or her new “toys” as you and your family enjoy a delicious holiday dinner. If you have a pet lover in your life, choosing a gift for them this year is as easy as Holiday Dog Gifts – we’ve created holiday dog gifts that include gourmet goodies for both pets and people, allowing you to send a really unique gift. Here’s our “must gift” items for dogs and their owners this holiday season!

Dog Car Blanket

Dog  owners love to take their dog with them wherever they go, but that can often lead to muddy paw marks and dog fur all over the seats. Visit a pet shop or outdoor-style store and choose a dog car mat for the dog owner in your life – you can choose a simple one, or one as nice as a deluxe microfiber dog seat hammock! We bet Fido would just love to chew on the gourmet dog biscuits in our Holiday Dog Gifts while he’s relaxing on his new dog car mat – and his owner has peace of mind knowing his or her car is staying clean.

Holiday Dog Gifts

We first started whipping up dog gift baskets over 13 years year ago when we realized that pets deserved delicious goodies, too! Their owners started asking us to create gourmet gift baskets for them, and 13 years later, we now offer a full suite of gift baskets and Holiday Dog Gifts, like our Holiday Pizza Pals Dog & Owner Gift. Our Holiday Dog Gifts are one of the most unique holiday gifts you can choose for a dog owner, as they not only treat both to delectable goodies, but they show the owner that you support their interests and know which canine(s) hold the key to their heart.

Dog Travel Kits

Check out a pet specialty shop to find a dog travel kit – it usually includes a food and water bowl, dog food, dog treats, a dog blanket, and more. Pair it with a travel kit for the owner from a bath specialty shop, and you’ve got a travel-oriented gift for dog and owner. Gift one of our Holiday Dog Gifts, like our Dog Bone Stocking, or our Soup Bones for the Holidays Dog & Owner Gift so that Fido and his or her owner can have goodies on the go, too!