Housewarming Gift Baskets Make a Sweet Treat During a Move!

Anyone who has ever moved to a new place knows exactly how much hard work, stress, and emotions go along with getting all those boxes from one location to another. Even if the reason you're moving is an exciting one, and the place you're moving to is absolutely amazing, the toll it takes on you physically and mentally can be quite exhausting. While having friends and family to support you in various ways is important, whether they're helping you pack, are there to talk, or are helping you with the actual move, there will be moments when you simply need to take a few moments to yourself to relax, rejuvenate, and simply think about the road ahead. And in those times, grand goodies from one of our housewarming gift baskets can prove to be exactly what you need! Looking to give one of our housewarming gift baskets to someone special in your life, but aren't sure which would be best? Here's a few ideas that might help in making your decision… Candy Housewarming Gift Baskets Whether you opt for Reese's, M&Ms, Skittles or a sweet mix, our candy bouquets make a fantastic choice for many reasons. For one – just about everyone loves candy! It tastes great, it's ready-to-eat straight from the wrapper, and it's a favorite of all ages. This ageless appeal makes these especially wonderful housewarming gift baskets for families as mom, dad and the kiddos can all dig in with delight. But another important reason that candy bouquets are a perfect housewarming gift idea is that candy carries along with it tons of terrific memories. These memories are something we carry with us no matter where life takes us, and they can be just what we need to bring an emotional calm during the stress of a big move. Coffee and Tea Housewarming Gift Baskets When moving to a new location, finding new favorite spots can take some time. Chances are that you could take a trip to your current favorite supermarket, bookstore, coffee shop and more with your eyes closed, but in a new town one must not only track those places down, but find the best of the bunch. The first couple mornings your friend or family member wakes up in a new town, they're probably going to want a fresh, hot cup of coffee or tea more than ever! And if you opted for housewarming gift baskets packed with coffee, tea and complementary treats, they won't have to sleepily wander the streets trying to track it down. As an added benefit, they'll think of you and your thoughtfulness first thing in the morning, which can set them up for a great day!