Celebrate Italian Traditions with Italian Christmas Gift Baskets

We think it’s so interesting to learn about the holiday traditions of different nationalities and the unique characteristics of their holiday gatherings. Our Italian Christmas Gift Baskets continue to be one of our customer favorite gift baskets during the holidays, as they’re filled with exceptional pasta varieties, including baked pasta in a roasted garlic crème sauce and angel hair pasta with olive oil – not to mention a marina sauce that even Grandma will love! As the jingle bells sound around you and you whip up the mozzarella cheese bars in our Italian Christmas Gift Baskets, we’re here to take you on a tour of some of the most common Italian holiday traditions!

Tree of Light – Also known as “ceppo” or a “Yule log”, this is a wooden structure in the shape of a pyramid, with a manger scene on the bottom and small “gifts” of fruit, candy, and other small gifts on shelves above the manger. It’s all then decorated with colorful paper, pinecones, and small candles. Replicate this tradition with your family this holiday season!

Urn of Fate – This name might sound a little grim, but it’s actually quite a fun tradition! You simply fill a large bowl (or an area symbolizing the bowl) with gifts such as our Italian Christmas Gift Baskets, and take turns drawing gifts out of the bowl. Think of it as “Secret Santa”, but as an Italian tradition!

Christmas Eve Dinner – Tradition says that meat is to be fasted on for 24 hours before Christmas Eve – and then comes a large Christmas Eve dinner spread! It’s filled with delicious meats, pastas, vegetables, and Italian wine. Be sure to bring one of our Italian Christmas Gift Baskets along with you to gift to the host or hostess!

These are just a handful of the Italian holiday traditions that many of us know and we love, and we’re so excited to keep them going for our families! Check out our Christmas gift baskets section to take a look at our Italian Christmas Gift Baskets, filled with appetizers, dinner, and desserts. Pair them with one of our wine gift baskets for Christmas to cheers to health, wealth, and happiness all year long.