3 Special Touches To Add To Your Italian Christmas Gift Baskets

We get quite a few calls and emails from customers during the holiday season, and you know us – we just love to talk to our customers! One of the more common questions is on ideas for small holiday gifts to accompany the gift basket. We find that many of our loyal customers love the ease and convenience of ordering holiday gift baskets like our Italian Christmas Gift Baskets, but also enjoy adding their own special, unique touch to the recipient’s gift. After many calls and emails with our customers, we’re bringing you our top three small gift ideas to accompany our absolutely “yum” Italian Christmas Gift Baskets!

Gourmet Cheese

Our Italian Christmas Gift Baskets, such as our Italian Food Holiday Gift Basket, include at least one type of pasta. A great gift is to visit your local supermarket or gourmet store and choose a gourmet cheese that can be later grated and sprinkled deliciously over the pasta. It only enhances an already exquisite meal!


Our Italian holiday gift baskets include a scrumptious dessert, but as cannoli unfortunately doesn’t ship well, we were unable to include it as another dessert option in our Italian gift baskets. Yet, as we all know, no Italian meal is quite complete without a healthy dose of cannoli. Many supermarkets carry cannoli in the frozen dessert or bakery aisles, so pick up a few to gift along with your Italian Christmas Gift Basket.


There’s a reason why so many Italian dinners end with a cup of strong espresso – it’s all those (frankly delicious) carbs leaving us hungry! Whether the gift recipient has an espresso machine or not, you can pick up a bag of ground espresso and gift it along with your Italian holiday gift basket. Gift a few demitasse cups and saucers for an even more luxe gift.

Italian Christmas Gift Baskets are filled with tons of classic Italian specialties, from linguine to a pizza kit. Put your own unique spin on your Italian holiday gift baskets this year by adding a special gift of your own, and we know the gift recipient will be absolutely delighted with the Italian gift basket and your original touch. Maybe they’ll even invite you over for their Italian dinner – well, we can dream!