Italian Dinner Gift Baskets and the Italian Specialties We Love

There are some dishes that we will always love and remember, and for some of us here at Bisket Baskets, it is Italian specialties all the way – bruschetta, meatballs, and cannoli for dessert. They’re dishes that we’ve had over and over throughout our lives, and we admit we inwardly compare them to the ones Grandma used to create, but oh, they will never be as good! Our Italian Dinner Gift Baskets feature Italian delights that we think are on par with Grandma’s kitchen every Sunday night growing up, but we want to pay homage to those “extras” that we just love, too!


Our Grandma’s Pantry Italian Dinner Gift Baskets feature mozzarella cheese bars as an appetizer, but we just can’t help but pair it with our own bruschetta – small, baked slices of French bread topped with chopped tomatoes, Parmesan cheese, and balsamic vinaigrette. One of the wonderful parts of bruschetta is the ability to customize it how you’d like it – use your imagination, and bring it along when gifting your Italian Dinner Gift Basket!


Meatballs are an Italian dinner table staple, and in a carb-heavy meal, add that much-needed protein we crave. We’ve gotten a bit health-conscious these days and typically whip up turkey meatballs instead, but with some sprinklings of paprika and chili powder, they’re worthy of even the best Italian feasts. Simply place them over a plate of pasta and sauce – the Pasta Partners Gourmet Pasta Sauce in our Italian Dinner Gift Baskets.


We have to be honest – making our own cannoli shells was not the easiest of undertakings, and next time, we’ll likely buy the shells and make our own filling. Believe us – being the guest who brings not only an Italian Dinner Gift Basket, but also a tray of cannolis, will have you being the favorite guest indeed!