Three Ways Meal Gift Baskets Can Help You Save During This Holiday Season

We're so excited to now feature delicious Meal Gift Baskets on our website, right in time for the holidays. Our meal gift baskets are designed to be “dinner in a basket", filled with the ingredients for several meal courses, such as in our Healthy Family Meal Gift Basket. Whether you're treating a special family on your gift list to a meal gift basket, or simply gifting you and your own family to the tantalizing menu items inside our dinner gift baskets, our gift baskets will be an absolute delight this holiday season. We're all about saving this year, and meal gift baskets are designed to do just that!

Save Money. A night out to dinner with your family isn't exactly cheap these days, and gifting a friend or family member with our Grandma's Pantry Meal Gift Basket gives them enough food to feed an entire family – probably for several meals! They'll be able to enjoy a wonderful dinner in, saving them the high cost of drinks, dinner, and a tip. They won't be scrimping on delicious food, laughter, and family-bonding time, though!

Save On Calories. Our meal gift baskets place an emphasis on the “scrumptious factor," and although they may not be as lean as eating salmon and steamed broccoli, they're certainly healthier than many of the dishes whipped up in restaurants. We're horrified to learn of the nutrition facts in some of our favorite chain restaurant dishes, and it's nice to be able to enjoy a delicious meal knowing that you have control over its nutrition – exactly what you can do with our meal gift baskets.

Save Time. This is a “two-for" – you know what the traffic is like at the shopping malls this time of year, and ordering meal gift baskets online for those special people on your gift list gets your holiday shopping done in a flash. Meal gift baskets also save on cooking time for the gift recipient – instead of having to consult their recipe books for family dinner night and compile all the ingredients, all they have to do is look inside their dinner gift basket! We just love it when dinner comes together deliciously – and easy.

Our Meal Gift Baskets are designed to give the gift of convenience, and we can't think of a gift that is more needed in our busy, fast-paced world. Let's take a collective sigh of relief and applaud meal gift baskets – a time-saving, just perfect meal in a beautifully designed basket!