Mother's Day Gift Baskets Bridge the Miles

It's never easy being far away from home, but it seems like the holidays that come up throughout the year just remind you of how far apart you really are. This Mother's Day, if you find that you'll be far from your Mom, be sure to take some time to send your love with something extra special, something that really tells your Mom that you're thinking of her, even though you're miles and miles apart. This Mother's Day, send one of the gorgeous Mother's Day Gift Baskets from For a Cookie Lover
Does your Mom love the buttery crunch of cookies? Then send her a homemade treat that's sure to get her smiling! offers a sunny Mother's Day Gift Basket filled with decadent cookies, baked fresh, that are sure to brighten up your mama's day. Cookie flavors include oatmeal peanut butter chunk, chocolate brownie, peanut butter cup, butter crème, peanut butter, and oatmeal spice to delight your mother's taste buds. One of the best Mother's Day gift baskets we carry! For a Spa Lover
Give your Mother some time to pamper herself by sending one of these gorgeous Mother's Day Gift Baskets. Filled to the brim with calming vanilla and ginger spa products, these baskets are ideal for sending a message of “I Love You Mom!" from miles and miles away. Let her indulge in bath powder, soap, body lotion, bath soaks, bath salts, fluffy slippers, body spray, and other delights by gifting her with this basket for Mother's Day. For a Chocolate Lover
Your Mom deserves to satisfy her sweet tooth - and you've got to send your mother some sweetness this Mother's Day. Make both happen by sending the Mother's Day Treasures Gift Basket from Ghirardelli chocolates, Bellagio gourmet sipping chocolate, a stunning bone china mug with butterflies, and themed snack mixes are just a few of the treats you'll find in this Mother's Day gift basket for your favorite chocoholic. Send some sweetness from afar by choosing this gift for your Mom. Though Mother's Day happens the second Sunday in the month of May, these Mother's Day gift baskets are sure to let her know you care all year round. Give your Mom something extra special this year from