Personal and Unique Corporate Gift Baskets for Legacy Clients

Personal and Unique Corporate Gift Baskets for Legacy Clients

While wowing new clients showing we appreciate them, we sometimes forget about our clients who have been around for a while. These legacy clients have been with you from the beginning, or close to it, so show them your appreciation! Sending a card every once in a while is nice, but sending a gift basket can really blow them away. Our unique corporate gift baskets are perfect for free spirit organizations, more traditional ones and everything else in between. These are our recommendations for more “personal" gift baskets that you can send your long time clients to show you care.

Have a client who allows pets in the office? Not only show you remember their office quirks but also some love for the four legged employees with one of our pet friendly baskets. These unique corporate gift baskets have plenty of gourmet treats for the humans, along with toys and treats for the pets. Gifts like the Great Pawsome Friends Gift or the People Sweets and Kitty Treats Gift are two of our pet baskets that we think they'll love.

Is your client made up of close knit individuals or family owned and operated? Facilitate a group meal with one of our meal gift baskets. Unique corporate gift baskets like these not only have the gourmet break room snacks, but also fixings for a meal together. Try the Classic Cheer gift or the Colorado Country gift for lots of snacks and a cozy meal for the client.

If they have a sweet tooth, there are plenty of unique corporate gift baskets to satisfy it. Choose from a basket with just one candy or a variety of candies. Or, get one that has salty snacks in it too for that perfect salty/sweet combo. Baskets like the M&M's Gift Basket, Reese's Gift Basket, or the Chip-aholicgift are all great for the office who loves to snack.

Sending one our unique corporate gifts to one of your legacy clients will really show you appreciate their business after all of these years and that you don't take things for granted. Any of our corporate gifts are perfect to send, however finding a more personal basket will really convey that you took the time to listen and pick the best fitting gift.