Staying With a Friend or Family Member on Vacation? Say Thanks with Pet Gift Baskets

In these economic times, it’s becoming more and more popular to stay in the home of willing friends and family while on vacation, instead of shelling out major cash to stay in a hotel that so many people before you have also stayed in. It’s wonderful to be invited into the homes of friends and family members for your vacation, but it’s also important to thank them for their hospitality. If they have a dog or cat, Pet Gift Baskets are a unique and very thoughtful way to say thanks to both the people and the pets in the house. We did our research and talked to our customers to come up with three other ways to say thanks, too!

Pet Gift Baskets

Sure, pet gift baskets include a jam-packed assortment of healthy dog treats and plush dog toys for Fido, but they also send a message to the “human” that you care about what means so much to them. If you’ve recently stayed in the home of a friend or family member with a dog or cat, surprise them a few days after you leave by sending them one of our Pet Gift Baskets! They’ll be so surprised that you thought of them – and Baxter, too. Our Pet Lover Gift Baskets feature goodies for both pet and owner, too – a great way to gift everyone in the house!

Cleaning Service

Even the most respectful of house guests can end up leaving a bit more “mess” than is usually found in the house, and you certainly don’t want your friends or family member spending time cleaning after you leave. Instead, gift them a few hours of cleaning from a reputable, local cleaning service. Gift it to these special people in your life, with a card saying thanks and explaining you’d love for them to have some time to relax, put their feet up, and watch Fido having fun with his Pet Gift Baskets while their home gets cleaned!

Dinner Out

There’s something special and fun about a night out, whether it’s casual or fancy. Your hosts likely entertained you while you visited, so pay it forward – purchase a restaurant gift certificate and gift it to your hosts. Pair it with a bottle of wine for a thoughtful touch.

Small House Plant

A plant can bring life and energy into a home. Before you leave, purchase a small house plant that doesn’t require a lot of attention. Carefully position a bow onto it, and gift to your hosts. It’s a nice way to say thank you, while leaving a part of you behind. If the hosts have pets and you’re considering purchasing this in tandem with our Pet Gift Baskets, just make sure the house plant is dog and cat friendly!