Pet Gift Baskets Make For Five Stars And Two Paws Up At Your Pet-Friendly Hotel

Pet-friendly hotels can be just as welcoming and lavish as their people-only counterparts. Our pets are cared-for members of our family, and it's only natural that we would want to take them on vacation or that big trip with us. Pet-friendly hotels are becoming more and more popular, and as hotel managers and staff, you want to ensure your hotel is accommodating for both people and pets. Pet Gift Baskets in each pet-friendly room are a great way to show how much you care for both your guests and your pets, and there's tons of delicious goodies in our pet gift baskets! Provide Pet Walking Areas One of the common plights of pet owners on vacation is where to walk their dog or cat, and as a result, the chance of their dog or cat having an “accident" in the room increases. Instead, and if space permits, create a grassy area outside your hotel specifically for pet owners to walk their pets, and include dog waste bags and a garbage can to encourage your hotel guests to pick up and throw away their pet's waste. Keep Pet Cleaners In The Rooms Most responsible pet owners will have no problem cleaning up their pet's mess or accident should one occur. Keep pet-friendly floor cleaners in a closet in the hotel room, and let your hotel guests know upon arrival that the cleaners are there for their convenience, should they need them. Your guests can of course call the front desk if they need assistance, but in many cases, it'll be simply easier for them to spray and clean the mess. Pet Gift Baskets Treating your hotel guests, and their pets, to Pet Gift Baskets upon their arrival, or nestled inside their room, shows that you value both them and Fido! Pet and people gift baskets, like our Dog and Owner Pet Gift Basket, includes gourmet cookies for you, and healthy treats for Fido, too. Pet owners are a close-knit bunch, and impressing just one pet owner and her pet at your pet-friendly hotel will likely earn you recommendations to all of her pet-owning friends and everywhere she posts about your hotel online! Welcome in a whole new bunch of loyal hotel guests with pet gift baskets and pet friendly hotel tips.