Spooktacular Pet Gift Baskets For The Dog Lovers In Your Life

Halloween is one of our favorite holidays here at BisketBaskets.com, and you know us – we're huge dog lovers, so we love to dress up our dogs for Halloween, and will share some of our Halloween dog costumes with you, too. Know a friend or family member who loves their pooch like we do? Gift them with Pet Gift Baskets! Pet gift baskets, and our boo-tiful Halloween Pet Gift Baskets, will surely put a smile on your dog lover's face, and has treats to make both Fido and owner smile.   If that dog lover in your life is stumped over what to dress Baxter up as this year, take a cue from us and suggest one of these cute dog Halloween costumes. Oh, and a Haunted Halloween Pet Gift Basket, filled with candy for the humans and healthy dog treats for our four-legged friends, too!   Superdog Halloween Costume Is your dog simply superhero amazing? What dog isn't?! Take a trip to your local craft store and pick up a piece of satin fabric, big enough to cover your dog's back. If you're feeling crafty, choose fabric paint to write a symbol or “Superdog" on the fabric. Then, secure the fabric around your dog's collar, and voila! Superdog is on the scene!   Zorro the Dog This costume is especially great for dogs with black fur. Like the Superdog costume, get a piece of black fabric long enough for your dog's back, and secure around your dog's collar as you did for Superdog. Visit a party supplies or pet store and choose a dog-friendly black eye mask (costume masks intended for people can be harmful for dogs). You'll need to help your dog get accustomed to the eye mask, so pet your dog while putting on the mask. As soon as it's on, make a big fuss over your dog, and give your dog a treat. The more positive reinforcement your dog has regarding the mask, the more likely he'll keep it on – and we just think he needs our Pumpkin Patch Pet Gift Basket for being a good sport, too!   Bumble Bee Dogs love to chase bumble bees, so why not dress your dog up as one? If your dog is sweater-friendly, buy her a yellow sweater, and using electrical tape, tape on the black lines of a bumble bee to the yellow sweater. If your dog isn't the sweater-wearing type, simply choose yellow fabric and affix to your dog's collar. Then, buy long black pipe cleaners, and affix them to your dog's collar so they stick up above your dog's ears. Attach fuzzy yellow balls to the top of each pipe cleaner to finish the bee's antenna. Buzz buzz!   Halloween is a fun time for both pets and their owners. This year, show your pet loving friends and family how much they mean to you by surprising them with Pet Gift Baskets – we think every day is a great day to gift, and what's more fun than a Halloween themed pet gift basket? Happy Halloween!