Reward Your Dog For His Dog Health Check-Up With Pet Gift Baskets

Most dogs don't enjoy regular health check-ups. There's all that checking their teeth business, making sure their ears are a-okay, and taking them to the groomer to get a nail clipping. Yet, every dog does need to get a yearly check-up by a veterinarian, and in the meantime, you should be conducting dog health check-ups once every month or so. Your dog may not love a check-up, but it can help you catch any potential health problems before they get any worse. Reward your dog for sitting through a check-up with pawfect Pet Gift Baskets! Here's some simple ways to keep tabs on your dog's health:
  • Check Teeth and Gums – Open your dog's mouth while calmly stroking your dog's coat. Your dog's gums should be a light pink, and your dog's teeth should be relatively white. If you notice your dog's gums are more of a reddish hue or his teeth are looking poor, schedule a visit with the veterinarian. Many of the treats in our pet gift baskets are designed to aid in positive dog dental health, so you'll be rewarding your dog for sitting still and keeping his teeth clean!
  • Look In Your Dog's Eyes – Some dog breeds do tend to have more eye discharge than others, but overall, your dog's eyes should look lively and energetic, and have little discharge in them.
  • Examine Those Ears – Use a small flashlight to look inside your dog's ears. Notice any obstructions or waxy buildup? Schedule a vet visit if you do.
  • Stroke Your Dog's Coat – Your dog will likely think you're simply petting him or her, but stroking your dog's coat from nose to tail will also help you take notice of any skin irritations your dog may be experiencing, or any fatty lumps on your dog's skin. Of course, if you notice any of these, take your dog to the vet. Skin irritations can be very common, especially for certain breeds, and your vet will usually simply prescribe medicine for your pooch. The Pill Pocket Treats in several of our pet gift baskets will make giving your dog his meds so much easier!
  • Two Paws Up! – It's easy for dogs to get thorns or dried grass stuck in their pads on the underside of their paws. Lift your dog's paws up and make sure they're free of anything that could cause discomfort to your dog.
  • Get Her Nails Done – Nail clipping should always be left to the professionals. Long nails can cause discomfort for your pooch, so take your dog to a groomer every few months to keep those nails neat and trim!
Just as we humans don't always want to get a health check-up, we're betting your pooch doesn't want to, either! We always suggest rewarding your dog with Pet Gift Baskets that include healthy canine-friendly treats for them, as they'll be more likely to cooperate with your check-up the next time around! Plus, some of our pet gift baskets include goodies for people too, so you'll be treating both Baxter and yourself for a successful pet health check-up.