Pet Gift Baskets Hold The Key To Springtime Fun For Pups!

The winter can be difficult for both you and your dog. And oh, do we know a thing or two about that – our people and Pet Gift Baskets company is based in Parker, Colorado, where winters see the coldest of temps. The temperatures are chilly, and although you want to give your dog exercise, it's hard to have fun outside when your fingertips and your dog's paws are freezing! Spring is a much happily awaited time for dogs and their owners, filled with fun activities you can enjoy together. Here are just a few enjoyable Springtime dog activities for the both of you to partake in. Take A Hike!
Hiking is such a relaxing way to spend an afternoon. Choose a local route, and be sure to bring at least one other person with you, and your pooch, of course! You'll need to keep your dog on a leash, and bring a water bowl and water and food provisions for your dog, as well as typical first aid equipment, food, water, and a map for you. Your dog will love being in the rugged outdoors with you, perhaps stepping through small babbling brooks and navigating over a few rocky areas. It's A Walk In The Park
Spending a day at the park is paradise for a dog. Dogs are by nature quite social creatures, and there's a wealth of stimuli at the park – other dogs, their human owners, and even small animals like squirrels and birds. Bring your dog, a picnic basket, and the contents inside one our pet gift baskets, like our Waggy Tails Pet Gift Basket, filled with picnic treats for your pup. Go For A Joy Ride
Driving in the sunshine with the windows open and great tunes on the radio is so calming. Your dog likely loves car rides, so have Fido hop in next time! Just be sure to hit the “child lock" on doors and windows by your dog, and be careful when driving, as your dog is sensitive to speed changes and quick turns. When you return home, be sure to treat your dog to the yummy, healthy, dog treats inside our Dog Pound Pet Gift Basket. A healthy dog is a happy dog, and having genuine fun with your dog helps to give your dog exercise, and helps boost your own mood, too! Be sure to positively reward your dog with treats – our Pet Gift Baskets have all the healthy treats and fun you need for a hike with your dog, walk in the park, or for a relaxing ride around town. Enjoy the warm weather with your pup!