A Pet Lovers Gift Basket With Gourmet Treats “Fur" The Fancy Feline Or Pampered Pooch & The Owner, Too!

To us, our four-legged friends in year-round fur coats are part of the family. That's why we created our Pet Lovers Gift Basket collection. Sure there are gourmet gift baskets out there for pet enthusiasts and tantalizing treats for dogs and cats, but many of our Pet Lovers Gift Baskets are unique in that they include snacks for the pet and the owner! Great for pet owners who are friends, family, veterinarians, pet sitters, dog walkers, and groomers, our Pet Lovers Gift Basket is a gift like none other. Our baskets come beautifully arranged by hand with carefully selected snacks for people, and of course, some super surprises for pets, too! We cater to dog and cat owners, and offer a wide array of options, from natural munchies to whimsical hand-dipped biscuits and decorated dog-shaped cookies. Add your own personal touch by giving a Pet Lovers Gift Basket along with a framed photo of the precious pet; or add a custom calendar or photo album complete with snapshots of the pet's finest moments! Another idea is to present a Pet Lovers Gift Basket along with a gift card for the local pet store. Or, let the gifts be from Fido or Fluffy; who said you can't teach an old dog a new trick?! Who knew that cats could be such savvy shoppers? (We did!) A Pet Lovers Gift Basket makes a great gift for a birthday, a thank you, a holiday, or even Mother's Day or Father's Day; after all, it takes a good “mom" or “dad" to raise a happy pet. Whether you are looking for a small token of appreciation or a lavish basket bursting with cheer, we have options to suit your occasion and needs. And trust us, we're professionals: We don't want to bark up the wrong tree here, but let's just say we have been delivering award winning gift baskets since 1999; that's right, we're the cat's meow when it comes to pet lovers gift baskets. We even offer flat rate shipping, so there are no hidden costs or unwelcome surprises. Give us a try and see for yourself—no bones about it!