Our Pizza Gift Basket Secret Tips To Achieve The Perfect Pizza

Not all pizza is created equal. Sure, we have our favorites – Chicago deep-dish, Detroit twice-baked, New York City thin crust, and Old Forge thick-style, but mastering those different styles of pizza is no easy task. You've got to make sure the crust is prepared perfectly, the sauce and toppings meld together is a mouth-wateringly delicious way, and the pizza is baked at the right temperature and time allotment. Yet, most of love pizza, and our Pizza Gift Basket tends to be one of our most popular gift basket choices, for good reason – it not only includes an 8-slice pizza kit, but also sliced large pepperoni, mozzarella cheese bar kit, a three piece pizza stone kit, and oven mitts to make tending to that pizza a breeze!

But the question begs asking – how do you take those ingredients and whip up not just pizza, but perfect pizza? Here's our secrets to pizza-making success:

#1 - Don't Cook At Home Without A Baking Stone.

We include a baking stone in our Pizza Gift Basket as without using one, your pizza really doesn't have the best opportunity to “crisp" up like it would at a pizzeria. Place the baking stone on a lower rack in your oven, and preheat your oven to around 450 degrees. You'll love the crispy crust!

#2 – Sprinkle oregano over your cheese.

Oregano is a staple in most pizza shop pizza, and we often associate the taste of Italian foods with oregano. Don't be afraid to sprinkle a healthy dose of oregano, and even garlic or parmesan, on top of your pizza from your Pizza Gift Basket before you bake it.

#3 – Brush the edges of your crust with olive oil.

Ever notice how pizzeria pizza features a somewhat shiny crust? You can get that at home, too! Simply use a brush to spread a bit of olive oil over the pizza crust. Feel free to sprinkle a bit of parmesan or garlic over it to add a bit of variety to the crust, too!

#4 – Combat soggy veggies.

We love our pizza loaded with broccoli and olives, but we don't love soggy broccoli! A secret of ours – and yours to pass along to the recipient of your Pizza Gift Basket, is to pre-sauté any vegetables you use. Be sure to also drain tomatoes really well before you top your pizza with them.

Well, it's time for us to make some homemade pizza with the same pizza kit as in our Pizza Gift Basket! If it's good enough for our discerning pizza appetites, we know you and your family – or the gift recipient, will be making pizza at home from here on out with our Pizza Gift Basket kit.