Send the Holidays Home with a Holiday Food Basket

Being away from your family during the holidays can be a challenge. You might be feeling nostalgic for holiday seasons past. You might miss the taste of family recipes, the stories you share around the fire, or your favorite seat on the sofa when it's time to exchange gifts. However, being away for the holidays doesn't mean that you can't send a little holiday cheer back home!

Share the Holidays with a Food Basket Holiday food baskets are one of many ways that you can give a little something special to your friends and family when you're not able to make it back home for the season. Filled to the brim with gourmet treats that may be the favorite of Mom, Dad, aunts, uncles, or cousins, holiday food baskets can send your love when you're celebrating from afar. Our Favorite Holiday Food Baskets

At, we carry a massive selection of curated gift baskets and gift towers to delight family and friends, no matter what the time of year. Here are some of our favorites to delight anyone on your list:

If you're not able to make it back home this holiday season, might we suggest recording or setting up a video chat date with friends and family and then accompanying the message with one of our holiday food baskets? Let the team at help!