Why Should You Send a Cookie Bouquet Instead of Flowers?

Why You Should Send a Cookie Bouquet Instead of Flowers

Feel like you're sending the same kind of gifts over and over again? Stuck on what to get someone? A cookie bouquet is the answer! Cookie bouquets are completely unique and hand made when your order is placed. Made in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes these cookies are a refreshing and fun gift. Still not sold? These are a few other reasons why you should send cookie bouquets:

They're a little fresher: Have you ever received a floral bouquet and thought it looked a little sad? Avoid sending a possibly dead bouquet and send cookies instead! Bisket Baskets makes the cookies when your order has been placed. This means the cookie bouquet is as fresh as possible when your recipient receives it.

They're less messy: Instead of having to clean up petals or excess gift wrapping, a cookie bouquet has limited mess. Just throw away the cookie wrapping and you're good to go. Sometimes, bouquets have a decorative pot that the cookies are arranged in. Use to replant your favorite house plant or add a new one! There's next to no mess for your recipient to have to clean up once the cookies are gone.

They're less wasteful: What happens if your recipient doesn't like the flowers you gave them? What if it irritates their allergies? Chances are your gift is going in the trash. Avoid your gift being dumped and go for a cookie bouquet. People love a good cookie, and even if they don't, it's easy for them to share with their family, friends, or co-workers.

They're so unique: These hand iced cookies are a masterpiece in themselves. Your recipient will love looking at them and sharing photos with their friends. Along with a handwritten card, they'll think you spent tons of time finding the perfect gift for them.

Sending a cookie bouquet is a great alternative to a gift card, floral arrangement. Bisket Baskets has plenty of colorful cookie arrangements that are perfect for many occasions. Your recipient will love to show off their cookie gift and will remember it for years to come. Start finding a bouquet for the next event today!