Holiday Shopping on a Budget

Every year we are all looking for ways to give Holiday Gifts without breaking the bank. With or without the high cost of gas and heat, we need to conserve our gift giving dollars to make our hard earned money go further. If you are like me, my shopping list is very long. I have a spouse, two college girls, in-laws, out-laws, nieces, nephews, Aunts, Uncles, co-workers and then the people you want to give to! Yes, all in all I shop for 35 people and I have to keep it all within my Christmas club account money that I saved all year long for. How can we keep our Christmas costs down? We can tighten our belts on how much we spend for each person, we can utilize the combine method and we can shop on line! How to “Tighten Our Belt"… this pretty much speaks for itself. Instead of spending $50 per person, we are forced to cut back to $30. The commercial side of Christmas isn't about the size of the gift, it is about the friendship and family and giving to each other. To let someone know that you love them or their friendship is important to you. The “Combine Method"… here we combine his and her gifts into one, combine the entire family of four into one gift that they can use or enjoy together like a hockey game or dinner at a local family restaurant, tickets to the local theater with popcorn and snacks for all. I have enjoyed giving bowling certificates, roller skating gift certificates, movie passes, and college game tickets. Your gift doesn't need to be an “item", get creative because great gifts do not have to cost a great deal! A family night out is a wonderful gift that can be less expensive than purchasing gifts for each member of the entire family. “Shopping Online"… we love this option! Honestly, I prefer this method over all the others. You have all heard the phrase “Shopping in your pajamas" well it is my personal favorite. I actually hate shopping, the malls, the overcrowded isles, never being able to find what you want, not being able to find a parking place within reason if at all, the hassle of actually going out, carrying those cheap handled shopping bags that always break, the endless trips to the car to unload and for me in the biggest blizzard of the year. My name is Melody and I am a female and I do not like shopping! You heard it here first! I prefer to spend my evenings sitting by my computer, a cup of hot chocolate by my keyboard, Christmas music playing in the background and surf the net. The one thing I didn't even talk about yet is the gas prices…well over $2 a gallon, what is with that! Heating prices are going to be soaring over 75% they say! Sit back, relax, put your feet up and surf the internet. All the things you were thinking of can be shipped right to your door! Bisket Baskets And More can combine all these methods of tightening your belt right here. We offer a very large selection of gift baskets that can be tailored to your recipients. We can be the answer to your “Tightening Your Belt" a gift basket is a well received gift that crosses all barriers. You decide how much you want or need to spend and then make your selection. We will personalize your gift with your special message. We can be the answer to your “Combine Method" as we offer large and small gifts that can be enjoyed by the entire family. We even offer Snack Baskets that have Blockbuster Video Movie coupons! Finally, but most importantly, “Shopping Online" is less stressful, you're able to cover a lot more stores throughout the country, you're able to keep your gifting within your budget overall and per person, not subjected to impulse buying and you're not using gas and getting stressed out! Remember most internet stores have secure networks and is probably safer to shop at then in person at a local store. All these can save you time, effort and money! Come visit us online – we would love to be part of your solution to keeping your Christmas budget in check!