Surprise! It's One of Our Cookie Gift Baskets!

Imagine this: you've come home from an exhausting day at work to your house being a complete mess. The kids are fighting about who gets to watch what on TV, your husband is updating his draft picks for this season on the computer, and no one has even thought about doing chores, putting dinner on, or cleaning up after the dog. You've gone from work stress to home stress – and all you want to do is cry it out. However, you hear the doorbell ring and rush to open it. It's a delivery person with one of our delicious cookie gift baskets for you from your old college roommate. Your day went from zero to 10 in about 10 minutes!

At, our cookie gift baskets are known for being the ultimate surprise – partly because they're so delicious and the other part being, well…who doesn't love having cookies delivered to them? Plus- there's a variety to choose from, too! Take for example our Oreo Cookie Bouquet – packed full of original Oreos and Vanilla Oreos, all tied together with an adorable bow. What person wouldn't love being sent a basket of Oreos? It's pretty hard to pick out the people that would not enjoy that.

Perhaps the person you're sending a gift to falls into the small category of people who do not enjoy Oreos. That's okay – we still have scrumptious cookie gift baskets for them as well! Our Thank You Cookie Gift Box has a variety of different cookies for that special someone to nosh on when their day hasn't gone so great. With three hand-decorated “Thank You" cookies, 7 oz. of white macadamia gourmet cookies, and 7 oz. of oatmeal pecan gourmet cookies, whoever receives this cookie gift basket will be sure that whatever they did was really, really appreciated!

Know someone who maybe doesn't like birthday cake on their birthday? Our Birthday Cupcakes Cookie Assortment is just one of the cookie gift baskets that you can surprise them with on their special day. It's an assortment of six cupcake-shaped cookies, decorated with fun, bright colors and a special “Happy Birthday" message in the center. It's the best way to surprise someone on their birthday – especially if cake isn't their favorite part!

So no matter if there's someone you know that's feeling a bit down in the dumps or you want to celebrate your friend's birthday in a unique way, one of our cookie gift baskets is the perfect way to surprise them and gift them a delicious, tasty treat!

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