Tea Gift Baskets Are Spot On!

Tea Gift Baskets are among the most popular baskets we offer. Focusing on the second most consumed beverage in the world, water is the first, guarantees an exciting, appreciated gift. While the primary reason most of us drink tea is its beautiful, refreshing flavor, it can also be used as a pick-me-up, or part of a healthy diet. With so many varieties, and methods of preparation, you could have a different cup of tea every day of the year! Hot or iced, tea can be relied upon to perk up the day. It's wide appeal and delicious options make tea gift baskets ideal as business or personal gifts. And given the affordability of most teas, you can give wonderfully impressive tea gift baskets on any budget. Tea Gift Baskets Tea Time!
Bisketbaskets.com is excited to offer two gift baskets featuring our vintage-style Old World Clock. The perfect addition to their desk or bureau, the lidded clocks come filled with tasty teas and treats. Good well beyond the last drop, the clock box can hold any number of daily essentials, and serve as a reminder of your thoughtful gift! Our A Time To Heal Tea Gift Baskets make a caring Get Well or Sympathy Gift. The wild blueberry muffin mix allows you to have a snack for guests and family, without all the fuss of working from scratch. Give your loved ones the opportunity to sit back and relax during tough times or any time. The Tea Treasures gift features an assortment of tempting tea accompaniments alongside a tin of your choice from Republic of Tea. A top name in tea, Republic of Tea products are served at many fine cafes and restaurants. Its flavor profile is fully developed, but well-balanced, making for a tea that is brilliant, but not bitter. This gift is suitable for any occasion, as the tea can quickly become an addiction for a single recipient, or fill the cups of an entire office! Cup of Tea Gift Baskets Tea Tokens Of Appreciation
Do you have a tea-loving friend on your upcoming birthdays list? The cutest of our tea gift baskets just might be your Cup of Tea. A cup-shaped wicker basket comes filled to the top with herbal tea bags, honey sticks and cookies – a flavorful, light birthday breakfast! The wonderful willow cup will make an adorable table-top container for sugars and cream packets once the treats have been enjoyed! If you want to make your secretary or assistant feel extra special this Secretary's Day, Tea Gift Baskets like An Afternoon to Remember speak louder than words. The tapestry container is classy and gorgeous, and includes a journal and magnetic list pad in a complementary color scheme. Your preferred Republic of Tea tin helps make this a personal gift, and the vanilla tea biscuits round out the sure-to-be appreciated line-up of treasures.