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You're searching for that perfect gourmet gift basket that will make the recipient's face instantly light up with a bright smile. You want to be sure you chose the ideal gift that matches their interests and personality, and you of course want it to be as unique and of superior quality as possible. Our plethora of gift baskets reviews from our satisfied customers are here to lend you a bit of insight into why our customers not only love our gift baskets, but continue to order from us! Gift baskets reviews give you peace of mind, knowing that your order will arrive promptly and the recipient will be just as satisfied as our many other pleased customers who gave us gift baskets reviews. "Dear Sir/Madam:
My brother and his dog received the gift basket and I cannot tell you how impressed he (brother, and I'm sure the dog too) was with the basket's appearance. My brother is hardly the observant type, but he went on and on about the "packaging" and how "amazing[ly]" it had been "put together". I wish I could have seen it! Thank you for your assistance in helping make a stressful situation more postive. [Dog, Charlie had serious surgery.]"
Deborah M. - MN "Bisket Baskets and More offer's truly unique and creative gifts. I found a large assortment of gifts and gift baskets on their web site. The descriptions of the gift baskets were very thorough and very helpful, making my shopping experience pleasant, and easy. I received an email detailing my order immediately. I received another email when my order was shipped. The order was shipped the same day and arrived quickly. The gift baskets I bought were very beautiful, the treats were delicious and pet treats were enjoyed by my pets. I have recommended this company to my friends and will order from them again."
Fleming – NY "What a great company! I received my order promptly that was put together with care and a few days later got a hand signed card thanking me for my order. How many companies take the time for that kind of customer service these days? Next time I need a gift basket I will have no doubts where I will be buying it from."
Benjamin – CA "Next time I need a basket, I'll definitely go to Bisket Baskets And More. Not only did they customize what I thought was a pre-packaged basket to my specifications, but they then sent me a nice note letting me know how it turned out. Terrific service and the recipients loved it!"
Laura - GA "What a wonderful find! Bisket Baskets sent out great gift baskets with excellent products."
Linda – CA "We had a little problem with the post office delivering the basket to the address (some garbage about an old forwarding address). The great people at Bisket Baskets And More were very helpful talking to their postmaster who talked to the postmaster at the destination office and got them to delivered it. Their service was above and beyond."
Erron – WA "This was about the best shopping on-line experience I've ever had! The seller sent a lovely personal, handwritten note on the packing slip. They even sent me a thank-you card a week or so after delivery of the item! I look forward to doing business with this company again. All sellers should be as conscientious as Bisket Baskets And More. They are wonderful!"
Erminia - CT "Bisket Baskets not only met my expectations but blew them away! This e-merchant processed my order and I received it all within days! My gift came wrapped up with ribbons and bows... Then to top it off I received a THANK YOU card in the mail complete with a copy of my bill. I think I should be thanking them for such an unbelievable job on my order. I will be ordering from them again! THANKS! Bisket Baskets!"
Nina - GA "I ordered both gift baskets that were praised highly by the recipients and a cooling dog bed and treats for my dogs. All products were excellent and the service was the best."
Linda - CA "Excellent customer service; easily navigated website."
Jan - PA "Quick shipping, good packaging, excellent product. This is our second Bite-meez and my medium-size dogs' favorite toy. You can't find these in stores, but who cares when you can order one so quickly and easily."
Andrew - NJ "When my Aunts dog was kicked by a horse, and had to have back surgery, I did a search online for anyone who might have some sort of get well doggie basket. When I came across your site, it had the PERFECT gift, and little Molly thanks you for it, too! P.S. She just got her staples out, and it looks like she's still going to be able to walk! :)"
Molly - CA "I have purchased from them a few times and they are easy to deal with and very customer focused. Bisket Baskets is a great store to purchase items from."
Kimberly - MI "Bisket Basket was closed for a few days when I ordered; their web site stated the days they would be closed, and the first day the site said they'd be back, I got a confirmation of my order. I was pleased they got to it right away. The product(s) were sent out the next day and I received them within 2 days. That same day, I got a separate card thanking me for my business along with a statement. I really liked getting the statement separate from the product. I feel that is an excellent safety feature and I really appreciate it."
Amy – CA "I will definitely shop with Bisket Baskets again - prompt and courteous service, good quality products!"
Carolyn - WA "Very customer-service oriented. I really appreciated the handwritten note thanking me for my order and the little magnet. I will definitely order from them again."
Lili - IN "They have terrific and personalized customer service, and you can tell put a lot of pride in their business (and should). I have ordered several times from them, and even involved with them for a donation for a fundraiser, and they have been great! I highly recommend them, and will be back again for more at another time!"
Therese - CT "Everything about this company is outstanding. I was searching for dog snoods and they went out of their way to find the right size for me immediately and processed my order rapidly. I would recommend them to anyone! They are the BEST!!!"
Margaret - FL "Much better than I expected! Super fast service, friendly customer service. Product was a HUGE HIT with the recipient and his owner! I will be using them again for my next purchase."
Thomas - PA "A wonderful company!! I will be using them again! The basket was a huge hit!!" Lauren - NH "I have ordered from Bisket Baskets before... EXCELLENT company! They are definitely the TOP PET GIFT COMPANY around. Excellent product, Excellent quality, Excellent pricing, Excellent service."
Michael - CA "I really loved all the special touches that this company used. They were perfect in all details. I highly recommend them to everyone."
Barbara - WI "Biskets and Baskets is the best company I have ever dealt with. The product was shipped extremely fast and every thing had a personal touch. I even received a card from them after my order. Thanks so much Bisket Baskets!"
Kimberly - NY "Originally I had rated them as "Good" as I wasn't sure if my order had been received (it was a gift). Without even asking, they emailed me a confirmation number and advised me EXACTLY the date and time of receipt. One couldn't ask for better service! If all e-merchants were this good they would wipe out in-person shopping for good! A truly EXCELLENT e-merchant!"
Cathie - Canada It's important that the website you order from include gift baskets reviews on their site. After all, you want to be sure you're ordering from a reputable company, a company that has exceptional customer service and gift baskets that don't merely meet expectations, but exceed them! We're 100% confident that after you receive your beautiful gift basket, you'll be writing us a gift basket review just like our other customers have. Thank you for taking the time to read our gift baskets reviews, and please contact us if you have any questions!