Three Executive Gift Baskets to Give Your Boss for Their Birthday

It happens once a year and is a tough occasion to buy a gift for. Can you guess what day we're talking about? We're talking your boss' birthday, of course! Whether your boss works in your office or at a different location, knowing that their birthday is close can be a stressful event. There's no need to worry, though – we have an extensive collection of executive gift baskets for you to browse so you can find the perfect gift to give your higher-up for their day. Here are three unique corporate gift baskets that you can give your manager on their birthday this year.

First Class Gourmet Gift Basket –This first class basket is great for a first class boss or supervisor's birthday. It has an assortment of the finer things in life, like lavish Brie cheese, gourmet smoked salmon, Chocolate Truffle hot chocolate, and other lush treats for your boss to feast on for their birthday. It's one of the most elegant choices in our selection of executive gift baskets, and would make a great gift to give your executive for their special day.

Epicurean Delights Gift Basket – Perhaps your boss is somewhat of a “foodie" who enjoys indulging in the most gourmet food. Our Epicurean Delights Gift Basket would make a great gift to give your supervisor for their birthday simply because of the amount of lavish treats it has to offer them! One of our more eclectic executive gift baskets, this gift has unique snacks that you won't find anywhere else. With sweet eats like Snickerdoodle cookies, Lindt Truffles, and Godiva chocolate, satisfying your boss' sweet tooth will be a synch. However, if they're looking for something a little more savory, this basket has many different salty and crunchy snacks as well. It's a great gift to give the boss who loves to eat unique, fun treats while showing your appreciation for them on their birthday.

Wine and Cheese Gift Box – What's a classier gift to give someone for their birthday than delicious wine and cheese? We're not sure that there is something more luxurious to give, and with our Wine and Cheese Gift Box, you're sure to impress your boss on their birthday. With a mix to make delicious Wine Glace', tasty crackers, and a Wine Vineyard cheese spread, this executive gift baskets will be sure to knock their socks off.

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