3 Meal Gift Baskets for the College Freshman You Know

3 Meal Gift Baskets for the College Freshman You Know

Heading to college for the first time is a nerve-racking experience not only for the new coed, but for the parents as well. Making sure they haveeverything they need when they're moving in, coupled with the fear of the unknown makes for a pretty scary time in every adolescent's life. If you know a new college freshman who could use a bit of a boost before they head off to their first semester, here are three meal gift baskets you could send them to put them at ease.

Pizza & Munchies Care Package – If there's one thing that every single college kid loves, it's pizza and snacks! Send them the gift that keeps on giving with our Pizza and Munchies Care Package. Not only is it one of the most appropriate meal gift baskets in our collection to send to a freshman, but it's something that they can keep noshing on for weeks to come.

Hearty Chili Fixins Dinner Gift Basket – Something that every college coed misses from time to time is a good, home-cooked meal, and that college freshman you know will probably not be an exception to that rule. Send them everything they need to have a warm, homemade dinner with our Hearty Chili Fixins Dinner Gift Basket, and they'll be forever grateful you did!

Deluxe Dinner Gift Basket – For many college coeds, the scariest part of moving away from home for the first time is having to cook for themselves. Why not give them some ingredients to learn how to whip up a meal on their own with our Deluxe Dinner Gift Basket? This meal gift basket combines pizza, pasta, and other fun snacks for them to learn how to make it on their own for the first time.

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