Unique Father's Day Gifts For That Special Dad In Your Life

Father's Day is one of the most important days on the calendar. Although you should show Dad how much you care every single day of the year, this is one special day set aside for you to spend the whole day with Dad! Every Dad has tons of different hobbies, so it can be hard to plan that perfect Father's Day with Dad. We've racked out brains here at BisketBaskets.com and came up with some great Father's Day plans and Unique Father's Day Gifts to pair perfectly with them! Take A Hike
Is your Dad an outdoors enthusiast? Does he love the smell of fresh air and crave the natural surroundings of the forest? Locate a local park with hiking trails, and surprise Dad by taking a hike together. Before you embark, gift him with The Great Outdoorsman gift basket, one of our favorite unique Father's Day gifts! You can both munch on barbecue party snack mix, Tortuga rum cake, Wisconsin cheese, smoked salmon, and so much more! We're betting you'll both be full before you finish all the goodies in this Father's Day gift basket are finished, so be sure to fill your pockets with the rest for when you're hungry on the trail! Go Fishing
If Dad loves to unwind by fishing, visit a local lake and ask Dad to bring all the fishing essentials. Many parks rent rowboats and allow fishing from the boats, so you may want to surprise him by spending a sunny day on the lake! Tote along the Dad's Fishing Creek gift basket for some munchies. He'll love this unique Father's Day gift, containing white cheddar gourmet popcorn, pretzels, biscotti, and a brook trout mug while enjoying a cup of coffee after fishing and telling Mom all those fish tales! A Hole in One
If golfing is more his thing, book a round of 18 holes and spend a day on the golf course with Dad. If you're new to golfing, chances are he'll adore teaching you the finer points of golf. Golf is one of the most rewarding and challenging sports out there and you'll both undoubtedly enjoy yourselves. After a day on the course, gift him with Golfer's Paradise Cookies - beautifully decorated, delicious, and personalized. Your Dad is one-of-a-kind, so be sure to shower him with Unique Father's Day Gifts! We take care to include only the most delicious gourmet goodies in our Father's Day gift baskets, so Dad will truly love your unique gift on this Father's Day.