Valentine Cookie Bouquets for Your Sweet: No Thorns, More Yum!

When we think of the most popular gifts for Valentine's Day, the first three that pop to mind are flowers, chocolates and jewelry. It's hard to deny the beauty of a bouquet, indulgent delight of eating truffle after truffle, or appeal of some shimmer and shine. In short – these are all wonderful presents! However, there are many other grand gifts to consider that are a bit more unexpected, and just as worthy of sharing in the Valentine's Day spotlight. One of our top picks? Valentine cookie bouquets! A Perfect Pick for Her or Him While there are plenty of guys who appreciate flowers just as much as most women do, they are still a rare choice for Valentine's Day gifts for him. If your Romeo wants roses, we say ‘go for it!' But if he's the type to appreciate actual candy more than eye candy, one of our Valentine cookie bouquets would make a better choice. Artfully arranged to be as attractive as they are tasty, Valentine cookie bouquets combine the best of a floral arrangement and box of chocolates into one; they make a visual impact, and are terrifically tasty. Plus, you don't have to worry over them wilting, and instead of watering them, you can pair them with cocoa, coffee or milk! A Romantic or Friendly Gesture Our adorable, delicious Valentine cookie bouquets are ideal for gifting your spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend, but also make a great gift for friends, children, parents, or grandparents. As a Valentine's Day gift, flowers might seem a bit too romantic to send to your best friend, but cookies are another story! Especially when those cookies are as unstoppably cute and colorful as those you'll find in our charming Valentine cookie bouquets. Send Them a Smile at Work or Home One of the best things about having our Valentine cookie bouquets delivered is that you can decide where the sweet surprise will arrive. If your Valentine is very shy and wouldn't want any extra attention at work, sending it to them at home might be a better choice. Of course, some people might say they wouldn't want the attention, but would relish the hint of jealousy from their coworkers, so work might make a better option! You know your Valentine best; just let us know where you'd like us to send one of our Valentine cookie bouquets, and we'll get to work playing Cookie Cupid!