Unique Valentines Day Baskets that Suit Your Sweetie's Style

We're going to be brutally honest here – we think all of our Valentines Day baskets are awesome. Of course, we're the ones that designed them, scouted the best products to include in them, and build them fresh when an order comes in, so we do admit that our connection to them runs pretty deep! But keeping on with the honesty, because we learned a long time ago that it makes the best policy, some of our Valentines Day baskets are better than others. And by that, we mean that some are better for some people than others. Because we're all different, and that's a big part of why life is so fun! As we mentioned initially, we think all of our Valentines Day baskets are awesome. We're sticking by it, and we hope you agree! But for as awesome as they all are, when we designed the collection of options, we tried to be as diverse as possible so we could offer the perfect pick for a variety of people, whatever their passions, personalities, and lives may be. When choosing Valentines Day baskets, consider not only which appeal to your sense of style, but which are really and truly a great match for your Valentine – just like you are! As for a good place to start? Here are 2 of our top picks for dog lovers and fashion-forward ladies… Valentines Day Baskets for Dog Lovers: Does your Valentine's heart belong not only to you, but also a four-legged friend or two? Trust me - I understand! As a ‘dog person' myself I cherish the one-of-a-kind, unconditional friendship that I share with my precious pooch just as much as I cherish most of my human relationships (even more than some!) The phrase “Love me, Love my dog" reigns supreme in my home, and a gift for my dog is just as much a gift for me. I know I'm not alone, and with this in mind we created wonderful Valentines Day baskets for dog lovers that are packed with treats for humans and their canine companions. While your Valentine is sweetly snacking away on candy, their dog will be carefully deciding between salmon flavored treats, a bakery fresh gourmet biscuit, and the cutest heart-shaped squeaker toy we've ever seen. Valentines Day Baskets for Fiercely Fabulous Fashionistas: Is your Valentine as stylish as she is smart and sweet? Is she as fashionable as she is friendly, and as well-accessorized as she is wonderfully warm? Does she know about the latest trends before everyone else, because she's the one setting them? We know which of our Valentines Day baskets is the best pick, and it's our Cosmopolitan gift! Tucked inside an oh-so-chic, reusable pink, black and white box, you'll find a delectable Cosmorita mix, light and lovely Italian Amaretti cookies, a hand-decorated, gourmet sugar cookie, and scrumptious chocolate wafers for good measure. This gift is in ‘good taste' in every sense!