Valentines Floral Arrangements

Not sure which flowers to include in your Valentines Floral Arrangements? Let be your guide with some of the most popular flowers and their meanings. Flowers, just like love letters, send a special message to your loved one. In fact, many lovers in eras past used to communicate secretly through the “language" of certain flowers. So, this Valentine's Day, be sure to include a special message in every bouquet by choosing one that has flowers that offer special meaning. Carnations Used for centuries in wedding ceremonies, this flower is a classic way to express how you feel to someone special. However, be careful about which color you choose, as different colored carnations have different meanings: red for aching heart, white for love, yellow for rejection, and pink for “I'll never forget you." Irises The name for this flower is derived from the Greek goddess of the rainbow, Iris, who would ride on the rainbow to and from the Earth in multi-colored robes to bear messages of good news. In some marriage ceremonies, iris petals would be scattered in front of the bride and groom to symbolize good fortune and the promise of a happy marriage. Include irises in your Valentines Floral Arrangements to bring good fortune to your relationship. Lilies This flower symbolizes purity and innocence, and is often included in bridal flower arrangements as a mark of fertility and the purity of the bride and groom's love for each other. Perfect for including in Valentines Floral Arrangements meant for your other half. Roses Like the carnation, roses carry different meanings depending on the color, however, it is noted that roses are almost always associated with love. Red roses send a message of true love; white ones indicate unrequited love, yellow for jealousy, pink for innocent love and happiness, orange for vigorous love, purple for everlasting love, wild roses for desire, and moss roses for admiration from afar. Also, the number of roses you send to a loved one in Valentines Floral Arrangements have a specific meaning: 10 roses to say, “You are perfect," a dozen to say “Be mine", and 24 to say “Forever yours." Valentines Floral Arrangements are a perfect gift for Valentines Day. They're beautiful, stunningly scented, and can bring something cheery to the occasion. Plus, with so many flowers to choose from, you'll never be short on selection!