Toasting To The Unique Qualities of A White Wine Gift Basket

We've always prided ourselves in not just creating gift baskets, but in becoming gift basket experts – understanding the complementary items that so perfectly round out the perfect gift basket, and sampling all of the different foods and wines in each of our gift basket. When we debuted our White Wine Gift Baskets, we took it upon ourselves to learn more about the intricacies of white wine – the right glasses to use, the right temperature to serve it at, and (our favorite) what to eat with it! Here's a sampling of our findings!

Glasses For White Wine Gift Baskets

A really neat gifting idea when selecting white wine gift baskets, like the Chardonnay inside our California Wine Experience Gift Basket, is to gift wine glasses to the recipient as well. White wine glasses are unique in that they call for a glass that narrows towards the mouth, allowing for a better focus on the flavor of the white wine. Add a special touch by personalizing the wine glasses with a special date or message.


You've likely enjoyed many a wine at room temperature, but alas, white wines are further unique in that their optional serving temperature is from 45-50 degrees F. Serving white wine slightly chilled helps preserve the delicate aromas in the white wine inside your white wine gift baskets.

Complementary Dishes

Want to send along a favorite dish with the white wine gift basket of your choice, or a gift certificate to a local restaurant? That's a great idea – white wines are very versatile, and are perfect for appetizers and lighter meals. Think “white" foods – chicken, white fish, and pasta. White wine, like the pinot gris in our West Coast Wine Country Gift Basket, are known as spring and summer wines, particularly with it's hints of peach, grapefruit, blood orange, and more.

We just love to celebrate how unique white wine is. White Wine Gift Baskets are perfect year round, but especially wonderful to send in the spring and summer months, as our palettes are craving tastes of fruits and berries and welcoming in the golden rays of sunshine. Cheers to enjoying a glass of white wine!