Do: Wine and Cheese Gift Baskets. Wine Party Don'ts? Read On.

There's a certain pressure associated with hosting a wine and cheese party – you want it to mirror the personality of the guests you invited, whether that be a casual party or a formal, upscale soirée. As a wine and cheese party guest, you also want to show up with a wonderful gift for the hostess, such as one of our Wine and Cheese Gift Baskets, along with showing prior knowledge of wines and cheeses. We're here to take the pressure off of hosting and attending wine and cheese parties – simply follow our do's and don'ts that came from our own experience!

Wine and Cheese Party Do's:
  • Bring a host or hostess gift. Host and hostess gifts are a tradition that has been somewhat lost over the years, but from every host or hostess we've talked to, it is an absolutely welcome and thoughtful gift. Pay homage to the party theme by gifting him or her with one of our Wine and Cheese Gift Baskets, such as The Chateau Wine Gift Basket.

  • Eat a light dinner before the party. You'll want to savor the cheeses, rather than treat them like a meal. You'll also want to make sure you have some sustenance in you before enjoying those luscious wine tastings!

  • Do feel free to say “I pass on the cheese"! Some cheese varieties can be quite potent and aren't for every palate.

  • Make a wine and cheese addition to the party. Parties can get expensive, and contributing one of our Wine and Cheese Gift Baskets is an elegant way to share in the party expenses.

Wine and Cheese Party Don't's:
  • Spend a fortune on the party (unless you want to!). Choose a variety of wines in small quantities, rather than just a few wines in larger quantities. This allows you to shop around for price, while giving the impression that you have a great variety of wines on hand for your guests to try.

  • Open the host or hostess gift during the party. If a guest treats you to a host or hostess gift like our Wine and Cheese Gift Baskets, and doesn't say it is for the entire party, open it after the party.

  • Think only cheese. Get creative and search for wine pairings online. You'll find dark chocolate and wine pairings, fruit and wine pairings, and more. That's why we include a variety of gourmet selections in our Wine and Cheese Gift Baskets, such as the chocolate dipped spice cookies and extra dark chocolate seashells in our International Wine & Gourmet Chest.

  • Forget to have fun. It's easy to get caught up in making the party as “perfect" as possible. In reality, what makes the party perfect is your guests seeing you sample the pairings and laughing right along with them!

We've thrown many an event here at Bisket Baskets, and we know how pleased a host or hostess is to receive one of our Wine and Cheese Gift Baskets! We have a feeling you'll be invited time and time again if you do!