Four Tips To Congratulate The New Home Owners – Wine Gift Basket Delivery, and More!

Being a new home owner is both an exciting and stressful time, and particularly a time when the support of friends and family is needed most. The new home owners in your life will be busy arranging their home and fixing up any spaces that need it, and you can bet they'll be plenty busy. Congratulate them on their new home purchase by gifting them  with relaxing gifts like a Wine Gift Basket Delivery from, coffee and bagels, and so much more! They'll be so appreciative that you thought of them during this exciting time in their lives.

Dinner Gift Certificates

It's wonderful to bring over the traditional covered dish, but when the new home owners are spending all day at work and all night arranging their new home, isn't it even nicer to gift them a night out at a local restaurant? Choose a popular local restaurant, and send a gift certificate over to their home. It's a thoughtful idea that will certainly make for a (much needed!) relaxing night out.

Wine Gift Basket Delivery

Unpacking all those boxes and painting that room is just a whole lot more fun with a glass of wine in hand, isn't it? You're in luck – we specialize in Wine Gift Basket Delivery, so you can send wine right to their doorstep. They'll be delighted by the surprise, and captivated by the delicious wines we choose for our Wine Gift Basket Delivery options.

Baby Sitting Arrangements

Do the new homeowners have a child in tow? Get to know the local babysitters, and arrange to give the new homeowners a free night of babysitting. You can create a cute gift certificate to send to their door, and perhaps work with the other neighbors or friends and family to also send a restaurant gift certificate and Wine Gift Basket Delivery. It's a great way to give the couple the alone time they need!

Coffee and Bagels

Where oh where is that coffee maker packed? Who has time to run to the grocery store in the morning when you move in?! We know these feelings quite well, and sending coffee and bagels over to the new homeowners is a nice way to help them get a good start on a day of unpacking. Just as with the Wine Gift Basket Delivery gifts, they'll be impressed by how thoughtful you are!